How to improve your sales’ skills with a simple tip

In this video, I’m going to talk about one huge mistake that salespeople make.

This happens to new sales people and I’ve seen experimented sales people to do this all the time, and if you can really work in this, it will transform your game as a sales person. It’s really going to make a huge impact in your results.

I was recently talking about this particular topic with a colleague, she was telling me her story when she went to buy a car, and it reminded me the first time when I realized the huge mistake salespeople make.

In one opportunity I called to my cable company, due to I’ve been noticing that my bill was always going higher and higher every month.

For some reason, cable companies always find a way to charge more and more money in your bill, and if you are not in the top of it, it will increase forever and you’ll be spending a lot of money unnecessarily.

Anyway, I was talking with the sales lady of the cable company, pointing her out that I really was interested in one single TV Station, and I just needed one plan that included it. But she didn’t pay attention to me.

Instead, she continued to talking about this plan and that promotion, and in some point I just got tired: we were going to nowhere. She wasn’t listening to me because she was so focused in presenting her products that she forgot I called with a specific requirement.

This is exactly what happened to my colleague: Her criteria when she went to buy a car -as mine with the cable lady when I tried to reduce my bill for the service-, weren’t taken into consideration.

As result, she also got frustrated and walked away to a different car dealership where she finally bought the car she was looking for.

It may sound silly and basic, but it happens all the time: Salespeople make the huge mistake of ignoring their customer’s requirements.

They probably do this because they know well their products; and since they know their advantages, they want to close the deal by selling what they want to sell… and not by selling what the customer wants to buy.

In other words, the huge mistake salespeople make all the time is saying what they want to say, and ignoring what the customer needs to hear.

So, the single tip that will improve your skills as a sales person consists in listening to your customers, and from their specific demands or needs, you can tailor their wished product from the products you have.

I hope this help. Please leave your comments, if you know somebody who can benefit from this info, please share this information. Feel free to share this video in your social media. Thank you.